It’s funny how things just find you.  I was feeling nostalgic one day, reminiscing about my childhood and the days I would help my mother bake bread at home.  I clearly remember the kitchen, the texture of the dough and the smell of our bread coming hot out of the oven.  I decided to try replicating the recipe at home and what happened next was something I could not imagine.


The bread was good.  Really, good.  Like everyone wanted more of it, good. So, I started baking more and experimenting with recipes and before you knew it, I was baking bread every week in my home kitchen for friends and family.  I was baking late at night and early in the morning, and I was proofing and kneading between meetings.   It wasn’t until my son’s preschool teacher wanted to pay me for my bread that I thought that I could sell my bread.  In fact, my six-year-old daughter named the company.  She commented that I was baking a lot of bread and asked if I was selling it. I told her yes and she replied that I was a bread man baking company.  And it was born.

Fast forward and now we proudly serve Houston restaurants and hotels and I am proud to say that my hands touch every loaf.  It was (and still is) a labor of love and I was (and still am) obsessed with each piece that comes out of the bakery. 


I hope you love it.  In fact, I know you will. It’s bread after all, and who doesn’t love bread?


Tasos Katsaounis

President and Chief Bread Man

The Bread Man Baking Company

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