Tasos’ mother, Aspasia, age 4 and 9 with family c. 1950s

What began as a summertime family tradition inherited from generations passed evolved into a passion that was quickly mastered, loved, and shared with family, friends, the community, and beyond.

The Bread Man, Tasos Katsaounis, began baking his Yiayia’s recipes as a child under the guidance of his mother. Years later, he found himself in his Houston home, up to his forearms in flour with his own children at his side. One day, his daughter, eagerly observing and absorbing every step from across the kitchen counter, attempted a bite when Tasos explained she couldn’t have any from the batch because they were for someone else to buy.

Without skipping a beat, the then 6-year-old’s response was, “so you’re the Bread Man Baking Company, daddy?” And so a name was born as more of the community grew to find comfort and satisfaction in our bread.

Tradition Respected.
Simply Perfected.

Today, tradition and love are baked into every batch of dough using only the finest quality ingredients.

We take a small-batch approach by respecting the process of bread baking and using only simple, natural ingredients. We specialize in producing handcrafted, naturally-fermented artisan bread on a large volume scale while never compromising the integrity of the bread. Baked in a stone hearth artisan deck oven with steam, our standards remain high with the most important ingredient always being time.

Nothing brings us more joy than being
able to bake for you and your family.

Our ingredients are sourced locally when possible from premium quality Texas vendors. You won’t find any artificial ingredients, preservatives, or additives in our bread — Yiayia would have never approved and we’d never dare.

Decades later as we humbly look around our full-scale bakery in Houston, Texas, we still follow her recipes and strive daily to perfect the authentic art of handcrafted bread—the kind that leaves you blanketed in delicious-smelling aromatics that flood your senses.